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Starting Your Own Sublimation Printing Business

Starting Your Own Sublimation Printing Business

Whether you need to print business promotion and ads materials such as banners, trade show booths, point of purchase display and fabrics, or you just items for personal needs, you need to use the best printing technology to achieve the best quality. Sublimation printing allows you to create cost-effective, quality and customized prints on fabric, ceramic and many other materials for businesses or individuals. It enables you to imprint complex designs like half tones and gradients onto various materials for a wide range of markets including the education sector, corporate, theater and movie production, events and public institutions among others.

What is Sublimation Printing?

In simple terms, it is a printing method that uses specially articulated inks and uses heat transfer to transfer the ink from a paper backing onto the subject materials such as fabrics and ceramics. When the inks come into contact with the heated sublimation printer, they turn to their gaseous state which is absorbed into the material. It is mostly used to produce quality full-colour pictures on T-shirts, blankets, aprons, mugs, tiles or even large materials for promotion and ads.

You get colourful images in exceptionally high resolution print that is durable and on any common material that you can think of. Thus, it is a great technology to put your own graphics into life as well as create custom branded items for your business and clients.

Why Use Sublimation Printing?

Cost Effective And Quick Setup – Traditional methods of printing such as screen printing are labour-intensive and very expensive when printing small quantities. This is due to the complex process of preparing the artwork and the printing equipment. On the contrary, the setup and production process for sublimation printing is quick and affordable making it a good fit for personalized small scale and bulk production.

Durable Printed Colours – It produces quality and coloured prints by embedding the colours in the substrate of the fabric instead of printing on the surface. The printed colour is permanent and does not crack or fade even after multiple washings.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Materials – The method is ideal for printing on a number of materials and items including:

  • Fabric – Woven texture for exterior banners, decor and upholstery as well as knit materials for custom chair covers and apparel.
  • Rigid substrates – Polymer coated materials including brass, glass, aluminum, fibreglass, plastics, hardboard sheets and acrylic.
  • Sublimation blanks – A wide range of special sublimation materials including phone cases, key chains, mugs, bags, clocks and many more.
  • Soft signage – Large exhibition, POP and other signage materials such as flags, gazebos and teardrop banners.
  • Ceramic tiles – Customized tiles for interior decor in the kitchen, bathroom or office.

Full-colour Print – Because the ink is first transformed to gas during the heat transfer, the shades blend perfectly into each other producing a graphic quality to the prints.

If you are looking forward to start a new sublimation printing business, we are here to help. We guide through the process of acquiring the best sublimation printer, sublimation blanks and sublimation inks. Additionally, we offer professional sublimation training on colour mixing and sublimation setup to get the best quality print production for your business. We also have a technical team to support our customers whenever they have a problem with the printers or any other issue relating to sublimation printing.

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