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Sublimation Blanks: How To Choose The Right Blanks For Your Business

How to Choose the Right Sublimation Blanks

The past decade has seen rapid improvement in digital printing technology. Currently, we have screen printers that offer digital printing with the sign shops being able to offer apparel. The whole evolution began with the introduction of eco-solvent printers, and as a result, we now have dye-sublimation printers. Sublimation printing is a technique that makes use of a full spectrum of vibrant colour to provide durable decorations on a wide range of surfaces.. which we call here your “Sublimation Blanks”

In your sublimation printing business, one of the most important commodities are the sublimation blanks. Sublimation blanks are the canvas on which you will be working on to deliver to your clients. To be able to show the mastery of your craft to your customers, you need to ensure that you are using the right sublimation blanks.
The purpose of this article is to bring to you a step by step guide on how to choose the best sublimation blanks. With that said, let’s jump right into it.

Sublimation Blanks: Brightness level

Whether you’re looking to sublimate a ceramic mug, phone case, shirt, mouse pad or console controllers, you need to ensure that you get a sublimation blank that is very bright, as this makes your print vibrant.

Sublimation Blanks: Sublimation coating

Another thing to look out for is the sublimation coating. Many a time, sublimation coating is applied only on the surface, leaving the side. As a result, you’ll have print being only printed on the top surface. You obviously don’t want to get a 2D mug or mouse pad from a 3D printing machine. Similarly, the sublimation coating should be UV resistant. Poor production is a loss to your sublimation business, therefore you need to use the right sublimation coating.

Sublimation Blanks:: Smoothness

It’s important that you check the smoothness of the sublimation blank. Ensure that are no extra pieces and bits on the blank. You can do this by running your hands over the entire blank. Any extra piece on the blank will lead to a distorted printing.

Sublimation Blanks:Transfer rate

Whether you’re working with plastic or metal, you need to determine the transfer rate of the sublimation blank. Use a sublimation blank that has a good transfer rate. Transfer rate is the rate with which the image is transferred from the heat transfer paper to the sublimation blank.
It’s worth mentioning that having the right sublimation transfer paper is king. A good sublimation blank coupled with a high-grade transfer paper produces excellent results. Get the right paper that is ideal for both your ink and printer; important for consistent imaging results with full image release.


Sublimation Blanks:Cost

Last but not least, you need to conduct a market research to find out the cost at which sublimation blanks are being sold out. We have companies that offer high quality but an exorbitant price while some offer the same at a fair price. A quick market research is a good way to avoid incurring huge costs. Long gone are the days when high price translated to high quality. Take time to go through the user reviews before making the purchase.

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